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  • Quantity take-off Quantity take-off for draft drawings,
    Quantity verification on construction
    site, Precise quantity take-off, BIM
  • Drawing Changes Original / Revised quantity take-off
    and billing the construction cost
  • Overseas/FED Project Draw up BOQ in overseas projects
    Draw up BOQ of WBS and FED

  • Construction Cost Analysis Draw up and review the cost statement
    of estimated price and actual price
  • Construction Claims Quantity take-off and appraisal
    regarding Construction Cost Claims

concost business

  • Construction cost for draft drawing CONCOST provides quantity take-off and the bill of construction cost using Floor plan, Elevation, Sectional drawing. ( 3-7 working days)
  • Quantity verification on construction site CONCOST reviews existing quantities on site using CAD Calculation System and provides practical resources which can be used on site. (5-10 working days)
  • Precise quantity take-off CONCOST provides precise qunatity take-off with BOQ using Schematic Design, Working Drawing, Specification and etc. (5-30 working days)
  • BIM Structure quantity take-off CONCOST draws up the basis for calculation with RC-8.0 afterr structure modeling using Revit. (5-20 working days)
  • Construction cost adequacy analysis CONCOST offers cost statement with adequate price after qunatity take-off using CAD Calculation System. (10-30 working days)
  • Drawing Change and construction cost billing CONCOST provide comparison BOQ after estimating the quantity in Original drawing / Revised drawing. (10-30 working days)
  • Construction Claims CONCOST suggests documentation presentable to court in the case of construction claim due to construction cost billing or discrepancy. (10-30 working days)
  • Overseas/FED Project CONCOST delivers BOQ based on CSI CODE on overseas project and provides BOQ of WBS and FED. (10-30 working days)
  • CAD Calculation Program CAD Calculation Program is aim for better maintenance and management in construction sites using the CAD drawing.
  • Manual for CAD Calculation Program Instruction for using CAD Calculation Program
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